Software Understanding for National Security

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Software Understanding for National Security

SUNS (“Software Understanding for National Security”) aims to address the extensive risk to our national security and critical infrastructure (NS&CI) missions resulting from our widespread dependence on largely inscrutable third-party and legacy software. We believe our confidence in NS&CI mission software should be based on reliable, technical evidence.  SUNS seeks to:

  • revolutionize the nation’s capabilities in software understanding,
  • outline and conduct a systematic research agenda,
  • drive technical progress using a coordinated and extensive community,
  • identify shared impediments and find ways to remove them, and
  • work with stakeholders to address their mission challenges.

SUNS aims to produce tangible results.  Currently released documents:

SUNS is aligned with two important existing national efforts:

For more information about SUNS please contact Sandia National Laboratories supports the SUNS effort through interagency agreements with the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate (e.g., 70RSAT23KPM000043).